Challenge to the District

Rev. Dale Schaeffer, newly elected District Superintendent for the Florida District wrote…

this challenging statement to the pastors on their District recently:

“Pastors, if you haven’t shared the gospel with someone in the past week, begin praying for and positioning yourself for opportunities every day starting today.

Leave your office. Get out of your house. Walk the neighborhood. Go to the store. Spend an hour in the gym or at the park. Work in a coffeeshop. Work a part time job outside of the church. Volunteer at a non-faith-based non-profit. Participate in your children’s activities. If leaving the house is a limiting factor, join and engage in an online community that isn’t centered around faith.

Begin building relationships with people who don’t know Jesus. Spend at least one day a week with people who are not Christians. Start looking for opportunities to share the difference Jesus makes in your life. Share of the purpose, passion and love for others that Christ has brought to your life. If you don’t have a story like that, become desperate for Christ to do a work in your heart. Pray. Fast. And strip away whatever is holding you back from pursuing the calling we have received in Christ.”

This a reminder for all of us: pastors, laity and me to intentionally pursue opportunities to share good news!

Rev. Doug Pierce

District Superintendent